Privacy Protection Roller Stamp


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A simple and efficient way to protect your personal information. This stamp is made for use with a roller stamp. It creates a concise and authoritative message on documents you do not want to share with the world. In addition, this roller stamp can mark any surface with an indecipherable pattern, making it impossible to read and reduce the chances of identity theft.

The designed pattern combined with the formulated ink works on most papers. It will cover your private information—a nice tool for families, small businesses, college students, seniors, and business travelers.

It applies to all regular paper, envelopes, and bills. Perfect for bills, credit card offers, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, junk mail, and more. Safe for all ages.

Ink can be refilled when it runs out (refills not included). In addition, the side of the stamp has a small hole for adding ink, which is very simple to replenish inking, making it easier and more convenient for use.

It comes with a little retractable box cutter, and the cutter head is made of ABS material, imitating the blade design, which can easily cut the tape or envelope without hurting your hands.

The ink quickly dries. One swipe, and the info is covered; no need to go for a shredder. In addition, the 0.98inches wide roller stamp is small and portable, which can be carried around and used anytime, anywhere.


Color:pink,sky blue,white,black

Material: ABS

Package Includes: 1 x Privacy Protection Roller Stamp


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