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These Innovative Bone Conduction Earphones don’t go inside the ears and set vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea, avoiding damage to the ears. Listen to music and talk to your loved ones without blocking your ears. You can enjoy music, long calls and pay attention to the traffic situation during driving or running on the road.

Bluetooth 4.2, voice prompts function. Intelligent noise reduction — Structurally, we set the speaker to the position closest to the ear canal, and adopt advanced noise elimination technology to optimize the mid-high frequency of the human voice, isolate the noise interference, and make the sound clear.

The earphones are attached to the ear buckles, and the ears are evenly stressed, giving you a more comfortable wearing experience.

Break the weight of the conventional Bluetooth headset, wear it without feeling anything, make your ears very easy.


Safe wearing: Wearing this headset will not cause earache, swelling, and inflammation. It does not produce high radiation near the tympanic membrane and does not cause damage to the skin.

Improved connection speed: The newly upgraded earphones greatly reduce the time for reconnecting devices faster and smarter.

Plug-free design: Always understand the isolation environment of ordinary in-ear headphones. The surrounding environment makes it safer to use sound, which is not conducive to safety.

Abundant power lasting life: With the use and charging, the large power is so willful by the attached large-capacity charging bin. Battery life is about 200 hours.

Upgrade chip: Upgrading wireless 4.2 chip not only brings high-quality music compatibility but also stable wireless connection and lower energy consumption.


It’s really painless without entering the ear. Innovation does not enter the ear, no earphone design, say goodbye to the pressure and pain brought to the ear, and achieve really painless wearing.


Model: S9

Wireless version: 4.2

Charging current 0.5A-1A

Charging Interface: USB

Transmission distance: Within 10 meters

Battery life: 200H (with charging compartment)

Call time: 150H (with charging cabin)

Headset charging: About 40 minutes

Package Includes: 1pair x Headset


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