Mini Portable USB Digital Iron Soldering Tool


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It is easy and convenient to operate, has a wireless design, is safe to use, reasonable size, and is suitable for home use and taking it out.

  • There is a knob at the bottom to adjust the voltage, and The adjustable range is 3.3V-4.8V.
  • The soldering iron interface can be connected with a soldering iron tip and a charging tip.
  • Copper alloy soldering iron tip, fast heat transfer, rapid temperature rise.
  • The power button has a prompt light; press the power button, and the indicator light is on.
  • During use, the button light flashes, indicating the battery is low. Need to charge.
  • With two-way adjustment of the voltage knob, the temperature of the soldering iron can be adjusted, and the operation is convenient and quick.

Main Color: Silver
Main Material: Metal
Soldering Iron Size: 119x16x16mm
Soldering Iron Tip Length: 50mm
Battery: 1 x18650, 3.7V, 1350mAh

What’s in the Box:
1x Mini Portable USB Digital Iron Soldering Tool


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