Microfiber Breathable Quick Dry Hair Hat


The microfiber hair towel is made from a revolutionary material that is extremely soft to the touch, super absorbent, and fast-drying.

Super microfiber material wicks the water away from the hair quickly and saves your time, drying it naturally. When you have finished using it, let it dry naturally.

Although it feels fluffy and can soak up loads of water, this towel is extremely lightweight compared to other options.

The amazing material makes this hair towel work great, but it is also highly durable.

These microfiber hair towel turbans will never let you down.

Ideal for women, men and kids. Great for all types of hair. From long, short, curly, flat, voluminous, or dyed to super-straight, fine strands, coarse and kinky locks.

You can carry these hair-drying towels everywhere you go. Perfect for the gym, traveling, beach excursions, sports, Yoga, camping, outdoors, home, hotels, pool parties, and professional hair salon use!


Size: One Size

Material: Microfiber

Package included: 1x Fashion Dry Hair Hat


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