Household Refill Roller Mending Tool Painting Brush


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This handy little roller mending tool is the must-have tool for anyone who wants to paint a wall.

It can be used with all of your favorite brand-name wall painting rollers.

It’s made with a tough, sturdy plastic material that is strong, but lightweight.

It features a micro-sized rollerblade on one side and a conical-shaped mender on the other side.

Simply slide the roller blade side over the regular blade on your roller and begin rolling the wall.

The micro-sized rollerblade will instantly begin repairing your roller.

No more struggling to keep the roller mending tools in place when you’re trying to mend a roller. ​

The handle is easy to grip, and the tool can be used to fix the roller brush while painting the wall.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and have lots of experience in paint jobs, you may know that stubborn paint is a tough job to do, and it is not easy to make sure the paint is evenly applied across the wall.

Now we are here to present you with this portable roller tool to do a professional paint job on your wall. With this DIY wall painting gadget, you can achieve a perfect finish in a very short time.

Paint tool – can be quickly and easily pasted to the surface.

Store paint in perspective handle – does not dry.

The kit can hold enough paint, an average repair room.

Just fill and store the tubes for future use.

Touch-up painters can use this roller brush to cover marks and scratches for quick touch up.

Helps to achieve a uniform surface for finishing, covering wear, and marks.

The bottle can hold 300 ml of paint.

It is easy to repair the wall paint, and reserve paint can be stored for future maintenance.

It is easy to use and has no brush marks.

Package Includes: 1 x roller mending


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