Head Up Navigation Display Projector Phone Holder


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HUD uses a mirror, which can project the navigation of the mobile phone onto the mirror display, avoiding the danger of looking down at the navigation, and at the same time will not block the line of sight.

It won’t block your sight when you are driving and it won’t occupy too much space in your car.


1.With wireless charging function: just plug in the cable to charge while navigating, which is convenient for self and travel.

2.ABS high-quality material: ABS material + acrylic plexiglass, comfortable texture, is a pursuit of high beauty style.

3.Required for day and night travel: adopt filter coverage technology to eliminate redundant reflection, whether it is day or night to make it clearly visible in strong light.


Wireless Charging

Input parameter: 5 (V)

Output parameter: 5 (V)

Charging current: 1000 (mA)

Interface: Micro USB


Package Included:

1 * Head Up Navigation Display Projector Phone Holder


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