Drop-Resistant Bed Mosquito Net


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This mosquito net is designed to protect you from mosquitoes while you sleep. The net is made of a very fine mesh that prevents mosquitoes from biting you while you sleep. The net is very easy to install and since it has a door on its side, having it on your bed will allow you to sleep comfortably without restricting you.

The bottom of the mosquito net has a fitted sheet’s cover, which can firmly cover the mattress and stabilize the mosquito net

Mosquito net and mattress integration-body, firmly fixed, no displacement baby play safer fitted bed sheet design, firmly fit the matter elastic mesh, stronger wrapping

Generous top structure, heightened and enlarged design, larger space without depression!

Encrypted honeycomb mesh, mesh encryption, mosquitoes can enter without holes!

The mosquito net can be opened in front of the left and right, which is convenient for daily entry and exit!

Bullet Point:

  • New Mattress design
  • Upgrade and increase space:
  • Anti-mosquito cloth at the bottom
  • Triangle stable can hold the baby
  • Square top column structure space is larger

Package Includes: 1 lighting Bed Mosquito Net


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