Beach Face Tent Umbrella with Air Pillow


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We love spending time on the beach but when it is not on the lake it can be annoying for a long time, right? This is a great product to relieve your boredom!

Product description:

The cushion curtain can be used by blowing in, which is simple and convenient.
The inside of the cushion can be added with water to reduce the temperature inside the tent.
After the pillow is filled with water, it can be put into the drink as possible to keep the temperature of the drink cold.
100% new products and materials for a comfortable experience.


Style function: super light, thin
External account waterproof coefficient: less than 1000mm
Waterproof coefficient of bottom account: less than 1000mm
Strut: wire
Backing: Oxford cloth
Variety: single person single layer
Color: gray + air pillow, blue + air pillow
Applicable number: single

Package Includes: 1x Beach Face Tent Umbrella + Air Pillow


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