Automatic Easy Soldering Wire Welding Kit


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Soldering guns used compact mechanical design work easier. Quality heater, working life longer. Simple, easy to complete the welding operation.

1. Handgun used for the first time, be warm a few minutes, smoke is a normal phenomenon, will disappear in a few seconds.
2. Will be rated into the tin from the tin line into the mouth, and then pull the trigger direction of the arrow until the tin-lead solder wire to the nozzle only to be working.
3. Stop the use or replacement of tin wire to be out, as long as the direction of the board-up drive, and remove the tin wire.
4. Heater replacement, the first protective cover removed, open the heater connection, and then remove the iron Tsui to the core of the heat can be replaced.
Please Notes:
1. At work, iron and iron pipe Tsui temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius, non-human touch to prevent burns.
2. Stop using the handgun, set it on its bracket.
3. Work is completed, turn off the power so to save the place after cooling.
  • Natural mica heating core, heating up fast, long life, can be replaced, easily assembled, and dismantled
  • Holding comfort, the long-term operation will not fatigue
  • Tin wire scaffold can be disassembled, easy to use
  • The side door design makes it easy to view the internal operation and easy to replace the heating core


Dimensions: 23.5*15cm
Temperature Stability: 0-480
Input Voltage: 220V/110V
Output Power: 60W
Output Temperature: 480
Use time: 30-40 minutes
Hot air temperature: 500
Tip temperature: 450
Flame temperature: 1300

Package Included: Please see the images for reference


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