Anti-stress Metal Triangle New Fidget Spinner


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Fidgeting is a nervous habit that is performed by individuals who have an excess of nervous energy and it can be a symptom of a nervous disorder. Fidgeting can be a controlled movement or an unconscious act. This fidget spinner is an important tool to release stress, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD symptoms. It is made of a high-quality metal triangle. It can help the children, adults, students, workers to be the focus, attentive, and calm. The stress reliever is like a magic triangle, very interesting, with a very small volume, the weight is also small, very light, the material is metal. Small size, small volume, small weight, small inertia, easy to carry around.

Fidget spinner, decompression gyroscope: made of safe and non-toxic materials, stainless steel bearings, very good hand feel, fast rotation speed, easy to carry, small, simple, and fun, average 3 to 5 minutes rotation is very suitable for irritable hands.

It is very suitable for fiddling, anxiety, concentration, relieving anxiety, ADHD, autism, helping to quit smoking, using fingertip spinners, many people use this fun and cool stress-relieving toy to successfully suppress unnecessary habits.

This handheld gyroscope can effectively concentrate and think deeply.

The fidget spinner can be used in the office, commuting, class, study, meeting, or watching TV.

Make the most of your every moment! Stay calm, very suitable for anxiety, ADHD, ADD, EDC, autism.

Package Includes: 1 x fidget spinner


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