18in1 Foldable Wrench Water Pipe Maintenance Tool


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This Toilet Wrench has a folding function, and it can deal with narrow space, short distance and pipe corners. The Kitchen Plumbing Repair Wrench handle has a kind of anti-slip design that is comfortable to hold. This Faucet Wrench Tool has a head that is made of zinc-aluminum alloy with high hardness for longer service life and a lower replacement frequency.

  • Multifunction pipe wrenches can handle most nut and pipe types, including 40 mm nut, 35 mm hexagon nut, 35 mm plum nut, household faucet pipe, etc.
  • The bottom slot is for installing the blade as a cleaning blade, and the side magnet can make the wrench attach to the metal surface.
  • Flexible design, the wrench can be rotated to 90 degrees, convenient to work at the corner, and easy storage.
  • Multi-in-one design, the middle part equipped with a tool which is specially used to pick up the break part left in the pipe.
  • The alloy female nut can be replaced with another type for various situations. The drill bit can be installed on the alloy female nut as a screwdriver.

Material: ABS + zinc alloy
Color: Red
Size: 235 x 57×57 mm

Package Included:
1 x Faucet Wrench


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