Small Bird Lovely Automatic Toothpick Holder


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With this Small Bird Lovely Automatic Toothpick Holder, you will no longer have to search for toothpicks when you need them. This Automatic Toothpick Holder has a bird to get that for you, so it can catch toothpicks with its mouth when you need them. The toothpicks are kept in this toothpick holder by a force. This would be a great gift for your lovely ones.

Just click on the top of the bird to pop up and specify a toothpick. The toothpick box is detachable and easy to clean.

The toothpick box dispenser is made of high-quality plastic, durable and easy to clean. This cute toothpick is made of bamboo.

Suitable for families, hotels, restaurants, offices, clubs, coffee shops, KTV bars, porches, any gatherings, and can also be used as decorations

The toothbrush holder kit is hygienic and easy to clean. Use a rag, neutral soap and water.

The box body is smooth, exquisite workmanship without burrs, practical and not afraid of falling


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