Safety Hammer Emergency Life-Saving Tool


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A safety hammer is an essential emergency tool. It provides a way to break free if you ever get stuck in your car or at home. The safety hammer is a kind of emergency escape tool which is used to break the window. With the Safety Hammer Emergency Escape Tool, you’ll never again be at risk of injury during a fire. In a crisis, this ingenious gadget can be used to break windows and mirrors to escape a burning building, extricate a person from a car, and even smash through a safety barrier to escape a derailed subway!


Safe without hurting hands, Mini and simple, portable with you: U-shaped opening prevents reaching in of fingers and accidental scratches. The size of this is about 14.7*8.1*3.6cm, Complimentary storage base can be attached to the car freely to make driving safer



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1x Safety Hammer  Emergency Life-Saving Tool


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