Chargeable Electric Heating Head Eye Massage Helmet


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When you are stressed, your brain suffers. When your brain suffers, so does your eye. This product is a magical cure for your eye and head problems. It could be massaging your eyes, or massaging your head, depends on which end you use. This is the best way to keep your eyes and head relaxed. It is also great for travel and just relaxing in bed at night.

1.Intelligent air pressure,multi-frequency vibration,timing for 5/10 / 15mins.
2.Adjustable knob and reference line is convenient for you to adjust the distance between head and the massager accurately according to your head circumference.
3.Having vibrating, hot compress and air pressure massaging modes with different functions.
4.Suitable for adolescents, occupational people, middle-aged and elderly people.
5.You can change the music


1.Having effect in releasing pressure, maintaining brain, promoting sleep, soothing the nerves.
2.Reduce work pressure, ease the head fatigue, keep the brain keen, relaxation nerve.
3.To teenagers,give them a good sleep, stimulate learning potential, improve sleep,improve memory.
4.To the elderly, pain relief, relax the nerve,to promote sleep.

Package Included:

1 X Head Massage
1 X Adapter Plug
1 X USB Cable
1 X Manual


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