Automatic Leg Training Bike


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Pedals to perform arm and leg exercises (pedal). Indicated for muscle rehabilitation, physiotherapy applications, elderly people, or people with reduced mobility.

Anti-slip feet, with fixing tape to the feet. The intensity of adjustable exercise that adapts to the physical needs of each person.

The bottom bracket is one of the most complete devices for exercising. Ideal for exercises at home, at work, in the office, watching TV, etc.

A model with LCD viewfinder for control of the exercise performed. Controls calories, time, turns, etc. Red button for the selection of the view.

It is very easy to install, finished in a few minutes, you can start enjoying feet exercise and relaxation

Functions: Regular movement, positive and negative direction, anti-spasm settings, handshake, foot tread.

Operating mode: keys, remote control.

Speed Gear: 12 Speed adjustment.

Remote control connection key display: switch, screen display mode, timing settings, down reversal direction, deceleration, acceleration.

Spreadsheet display: rotation, speed, time, distance, calories


Product Name]: Electric Rehabilitation Bicycle

Rated Voltage: 220V (110V unavailable)

[rated power]: 70W/50HZ


(1) Shell: ABC Resin Plastic Material

(2) Pedal connecting rod: special steel

(3) Pedal: ABC resin material

Package Included: *Please see the images for reference*

Product Disclaimer:


It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It does not have FDA or medCE approval.

We are not responsible for any decisions, and potential subsequent incidents, you or someone that takes care of you might make.


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