AR Mobile Target Game Controller Toy Gun


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Choose the magnifying glass version, which can directly project the contents of the mobile phone to the magnifying glass, increasing the vision of playing games, and the effect is more realistic; A8 model supports person to person combat, while the A9 model does not support multiplayer fight; AR gun requires two No. 7 batteries, and the batteries are not matched, so you can easily buy them in the grocery store

Multi scenarios. You can play games indoors and outdoors. Trace and shoot targets by moving the AR Gun 360° to experience a truly immersive gaming experience. Use your cell phone camera to connect the AR gun APP via Bluetooth to simulate realistic scenes in the game.

Game Controller for iPhone and Android Phones: AR game gun is a cool 4D-game toy designed for smartphones, allow players to enjoy 3D virtual reality shooting games anywhere.

Funny games for kids/ families/friends: We provide players more than 19 kinds of games, the players can set up a team and cosplay with families and friends in multiplayer modes. It is especially good for kids, it can get kids busy running around rather than sitting all day with the iPad.

User-friendly shooting game controller: It just needs 2*AAA 1.5V batteries, and an Android or IOS smartphone with Bluetooth. The players can scan the QR code or enter the game website of the user manual to download the game APP, turn on Bluetooth, connect the APP with the controller, then play directly and have fun.

360 Degree All-Dimensional Combination of Virtual and Real Scenes 2. Immersion Experience with App, Interaction between Virtual and Reality 3. Mobile version supporting Bluetooth Android 4.2 or IOS 8.0 or more


Attribute: Battery-Free

Age Range: > 8 years old

Language: English

Material: Plastic

Package Included: 1 x AR Mobile Target Game Controller Toy Gun


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