Sticky Foldable Laptop Stand Riser


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This mini laptop stand is aluminum alloy material that acts as a thermal pad to helps the cooling your laptop. The forward-tilt angle and open design offer great ventilation and airflow to prevent your notebook from overheating

Multi-Height Adjustable: Three heights can be switched freely, and the angle can be easily adjusted. You can adjust the height of 10mm, 20mm and 36mm according to your needs

Double stability: The increased bottom sticking surface solves the problem that the back sticking stand is easy to fall off, making the stand more stable

Ventilation and Heat Dissipation: Raise the bottom of the laptop, increase the inclined design, enhance the air circulation at the bottom of the laptop, speed up the heat dissipation, and make the heat dissipation easier


Material: Aluminum

Features 2: Adjustable Height (10 – 36mm)

Features 1: Foldable Laptop Stand

What’s in the Box:

1 x Sticky Foldable Laptop Stand Riser


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