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Baby Ball Game Ocean Playground

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Bullet Points:
1、1. The material is an upgraded version of the chronic elastic sponge, how the pressure will not be deformed, and the children play very comfortable inside.
2、2. With zipper design for easy cleaning. Easy to install and easy to store.
3、3. Very popular and stylish, it not only provides endless fun for parents and children, but also has great decoration in the place where children play, in the living room or in the bedroom.
4、4. 1. Do not include marine ball. 2, divided into two parts, the zipper can be connected to the bottom and side at the edge.
5、5. Smooth surface and non-slip bottom provide a soft and comfortable place for children to play.

Product information:
Product Name: Ocean Ball Pool
Color: gray, green, pink
Fabric: high-grade baby velvet, inner core quality sponge
Diameter: 90cm/35.43inch, height 33cm/12.99inch, ocean thickness 5cm/ 1.96inch (with 1-3cm error)


1. The material is an upgraded version of the chronic elastic sponge, how the pressure will not be deformed, and the children play very comfortable inside.
2. With zipper design for easy cleaning. Easy to install and easy to store.
3. Very popular and stylish, it not only provides endless fun for parents and children, but also has great decoration in the place where children play, in the living room or in the bedroom.
4. 1. Does not include the ball. 2, divided into two parts, the zipper can be connected to the bottom and side at the edge.
5. Smooth surface and non-slip bottom provide a soft and comfortable place for children to play.