Water Injection Cooling Summer Mattress


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This mattress is designed to offer you a cool and comfortable sleeping experience, especially in the summer. The mattress pad is equipped with a special water injection function.

1. Delicate edge wrapping, exquisite wiring, thick cloth, avoid cackling to the skin, strong and durable;
2. Having the reputation of natural air conditioning, sleeping for a long time with constant temperature, cold but notice
3. Selected waterproof fabrics, waterproof surface, dirty can be directly cleaned, with a towel to dry, can also be cleaned with detergent;
4. Double-layer compressive, composite PVC fused by high temperature, pressure and leak-proof, thick material, load-bearing 300-400 kg;
5. Mattress suitable for everyone.


Name: Water mattress ice mattress
Material: The product is a double-layer compressive design, thickening process edge, using PVC waterproof composite cloth, non-toxic and tasteless.
Filling: Water (Inject by yourself)
Size: 160CMx50CM,190CMx75CM ,200CMx90CM.
Weight:about 700g-1850g

Package includes:
1pcs Water mattress ice mattress


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