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Universal Car Waist and Seat Cushion

Blue Waist
Purple Waist
Black Waist
Blue Waist and Cushion
Purple Waist and Cushion
Brown Waist and Cushion
Black Waist and Cushion

RELIEVE MUSCLE PAIN and TENSION: lumbar support chair cushion and neck pillow car seat made of high-density memory foam features Balanced Softness and Comfortable, which designed for absorbing the pressure on backbone caused when sitting for long hours, relieving back pain, neck pain and muscle tension.

COMFORTABLE SUPPORT to YOUR FULL BACK and NECK: Ergonomic streamline molded back lumbar support in the car perfectly fit your body curve and provide comfortable support throughout your lumbar section and neck.

UPDATE TWO ADJUSTABLE STRAPS INSTEAD OF THE ONE ON BACK: back cushion for driving builds in two adjustable straps and two strong buckles. You can raise lumbar auto support higher by the elastic strap on the top. The strap on the bottom of lumbar support for the car is long enough to prevent memory foam car seat back cushion from sliding down. Feel free to move back support for the car from seat to seat with a frequency.