Powerful Aquarium Garden Water Pump


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Powerful Aquarium Bottom Water Pump can help you increase the oxygen water. This pump is the best choice for your fish tank. This powerful aquarium pump creates strong water flows in aquariums or ponds to promote the development of beneficial bacteria to help filter your water and keep your fish healthy.


360-degree water absorption
Low noise and noise reduction design.
The water pump can be started at 5cm water level, and it can be as low as 1cm when pumping.
The bottom of the pump is to inhale the surrounding water, effectively cleaning the fish feces and impurities in the water tank.
Convenient handle and thick ABS plastic shell.
The submersible pump is widely used in aquarium, fountain, spout, hydroponic system, etc.
Detachable and clean.
5W: 300L/H – 0.6M
8W: 600L/H – 1M
18W:800L/H – 1.6M
25W:1000L/H – 2M
40W:1500L/H – 2.2M
60W:2500L/H – 3M
90W:4500L/H – 4M7
Aquarium, Garden fountain, Water crafts, Water-cooled air-conditioning fan,Mechanical Equipment Cooling and Other fields.
220V-240V 50Hz(can be customized according to the demand)


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