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Wood carving has been a popular hobby for thousands of years, and it remains a great way to relieve stress and make beautiful things. However, it can also be a daunting task for those with no previous experience. That’s where this tool comes in handy. With its coarse finish, it’s perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike. With this portable wood carving tool, you’ll be able to carve with precision and confidence no matter where you are. This device will make a clean, crisp groove in wood due to its secure grip, long-lasting edge, and high-quality steel blade. It is ideal for both professional and amateur woodcarvers.

Rapid material removal saves you time and effort, letting you focus on the task at hand.

Tungsten carbide teeth give you an outstanding wear-life for a much longer-lasting burr.

The comfortable, effortless operation allows you to easily and quickly remove a variety of materials.

Very Coarse coating provides fast stock removal while leaving a relatively smooth finish.

Made of chrome vanadium alloy steel material, high hardness, strong and durable strength.

The quenching process is adopted to increase the wear resistance of the product.

Unique fine polishing treatment, sharp cutting edge, durable wear-resistant, especially suitable for woodworking projects.

2 pieces of different size diameters can satisfy your different needs.

10mm diameter grinding file, suitable for 100 angle grinder. Grinding files with a diameter of 14mm, suitable for 115 and 125 angle grinders.

Rotary File only; other accessories demo in the picture is NOT included!

Unique polishing treatment, durable.

Sharp edge, saving time and effort.

Excellent material and fine craft.


Application: suitable for wood grinding

Material: chrome vanadium alloy steel

Size: 108 * 40mm/4.25*1.57”


10mm is Suitable for 100 Type Angle Grinder

14mm is Suitable for 115 AND 125 Type Angle Grinder

Package Includes: 1 X Spherical Carving Groove Head


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