Portable Automatic Bag Sealer Vacuum


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This is a powerful vacuum sealer, which designed to help you vacuum seal your food in the most convenient way. This bag sealer will seal your food bags to preserve them for a long time. It is straightforward to operate without any trouble. This vacuum sealer is ideal for preserving food, vegetables, meat, eggs, coffee, tea, flour, sugar, dried fruit, pet food, etc.

FDA Approved Food Safe Tested-The vacuum bags are BPA Free made of FDA Approved Food Safe material.

Safe to be used in the freezer or sous vide cooking at high temperatures.

Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal, durable, perfect for sous vide cooking & food storage.

Rechargeable design for more convenient use. And lithium power with up to 3 hours cordless run time.

Adopts with distinctive suction technology to create an air-tight environment for food preservation, it is tested that 5X longer and fresher than another vacuum sealer.

Compared with the hand pump, this automatic vacuum sealer pump is easier to operate and more effective.

It comes with 5 pieces of reusable vacuum sealer bags that can be frozen to help you extend food freshness and keep better preservation.

It also can be used to vacuum clothes bags for better storage and save space.


Small size, easy to carry, easy to use

Sealed bag holder, waterproof, moisture-proof, mold-proof

It is a good choice for storing food

Material: Plastic

Plastic Type: Melamine

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Dimensions: Main unit 9 * 5 cm, Small Bag 22.5 * 21.5 cm, Large Bag 26.5 * 34 cm

Packing list:

Battery model: 1 * Vacuum Machine + 1 Large bags + 4 Small bags

Charging model: 1 * Vacuum Machine + 1 Large Bag + 4 Small Bags


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