Large Size Ice Ball Cube Mold


Designed specially with tight closure of the Sphere ice mold so that you can get clear full balls. Ideal for Highball, Cocktail, Hurricane, and Old Fashioned Glasses. Upgrade your Bourbon, alcoholic Punch bowl cocktails, Wine, Gin, and Scotch beverage without watering it down. Besides, ice mold is also Great for frozen ice Coffee and various styles of Summer Drink.

The ice molds with smaller water inlets and unique bumping seals ensure that your whiskey ice is formed perfectly round without leaking, also it is waterproof and drop-proof.

Fun BPA-free silicone ice cube tray produces 4 perfectly uniform to make your whiskey look like it was made by a professional mixologist.

To release ice balls after freezing simply pull the halves apart, flip over the ice sphere mold, and push on the bottom.

The balls should snap right out. No residue after use so you can clean it easily.

The oversized 2.5-inch ice balls melt slower and release less water into a drink.


Ice Ball Inch: 2.5 Inch

Size: 15.5*15.5*6.5cm

Weight: 196/270g

Material: Silicone + ABS

Color: Black

Package Includes: 1 x mold


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