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Large Leaf Tea Filter

1. Adopting thick and delicate veins of leaves, natural texture, clear veins, beautiful and high-quality.
2. The veins of natural growth are the natural filter net to show the oriental hollow-out art.
3. The effluent is quick, and it can filter effectively to make the tea soup clearer.
4. Easy to use, and you just need to put it on a fair cup, and the tea residue can be removed through tea filtration to obtain a clear tea soup.
5. The product is made of pure natural Bodhi leaves. Although it has a certain toughness, it can not be torn and poked.

Product Description:
Item Type:Tea Filter
Material:Bodhi Leaf

Craft: Traditional Dry Flower Production
Package Size:15.5 x13x0.1cm/6.10x5.12x0.04"(approx.)