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From cake to sushi, mold is a revolutionary way to impress your food presentation skills. With this unique and exciting mold set, you can easily make sushi rice cakes, sushi rolls, and cake. This multi-use silicone cake mold allows you to make a wide variety of creative and fun treats! It is also the perfect mold set for sushi lovers who want to make their sushi at home. It is suitable for egg, rice, sushi, chocolate, bread, moon cake, etc.

  • This product material can be directly in contact with food, safe and secure.
  • The bottom of the mold is heart-shaped, and the shaped sushi is very cute.
  • There are many functions, and you can also make pudding desserts.
  • Put the tasteful sushi rice into the mold and compact it with a spatula.
  • Put fish, salmon, vegetables, eggs, ham, fish cakes, etc., on top, and make sushi beautiful and delicious!
  • The rice cup mold is easy to use and clean.
  • You can make sushi and decorate your cooking and also make pudding jelly! It looks fresher delicious.


Material: Food Grade PP

Number of Squares: 8

Size: 18 x 18cm

Weight: 178g

Package Includes:

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