Creative Spiral Egg Dispenser Storage Rack


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This southern houseware egg box is a must for anyone who collects eggs from chickens! This stylish and modern shelf serves as both a storage solution and a visual element for countertops. The egg skeleton makes it easy to track which eggs are the oldest and newest from your hen. Just put an egg on a shelf and line it up! Make sure to remove the eggs from the bottom to make sure you use the oldest eggs first!

Up to 24 eggs: Usually 24, but the size will depend on the size of the egg.
Strong steel: It is made of steel and durable after repeated use.
Modern: Designed to save space and fit any size of an egg.
First come first served: Be sure to remove them from the bottom and make sure to use the old eggs first!

Material: iron
Size: 9.8*9.8*24cm

Package Included:
1x Egg Rack


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