Creative Crystal Skull Bottle Decanter


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Creative Crystal Skull Bottle Decanter is perfect for any wine or liquor lover. The crystal skull holds the liquid in place while you pour it into your glass, and the clear glass lets you see what’s inside. The crystal clear glass makes the red wine in this bottle seem all the more devilish and delicious. This product will make a great gift for anyone who appreciates fine wines!

  • A creative, handcrafted design that’s perfect for Halloween decorating or as a gift.
  • Clear glass decanter that will help your wine breeze.

Material: High Borosilicate Glass
Capacity: About 350ML-1000ML
Heat Resistance: About -20 degrees to 150 degrees
350ml: about 12.5cm/4.92inch* 11.5cm/4.52inch *20cm/7.87inch
550ml: about 15cm/5.91inch* 13.5cm/5.31inch* 22cm/8.66inch
1000ml: about 22.5cm/8.86inch* 16.5cm/ 6.50inch* 15.5cm/6.10inch

Package includes:
1x Creative Crystal Skull Bottle Decanter


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