Body Massage Warmer Cushion


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The outermost outer hole design of the cushion enables you to be free to control the temperature, the heat directly penetrates and reaches the body part.
Anti-scalding Design: The cushion is insulated with comfortable linen fabric, and the fabric cover is comfortable to wear, soft and non-staining to prevent burns.

Versatile Design: Moxibustion cushion can be used on the back, feet, legs, etc. So you can enjoy moxibustion more easily and flexibly.

Smoke-free Design: The cushion features a double-layer design that blocks smoke from moxibustion and maintains indoor moxibustion.

Fitness Promoter: The cushion can help improve waist discomfort and improve sleep quality. This moxibustion cushion is cleaner and more suitable for your family and life.

Name: Moxibustion cushions
Product material: solid wooden frame, outsourced linen
Product weight: about 2.2 kg
Product details: bottom anti-skid pad
Sitting moxibustion – one time for a day, 20-40 minutes
Back moxibustion – one time for a day, 20-30 minutes
Abdomen – one time for a day, 20-30 minutes
Foot moxibustion – one time for a day, 30-40 minutes

Packing List:

Moxibustion cushion*1


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