Bike Easy Tire Removal Tool


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With Bike Tire Clamp, change the tires with no hassle! Just take a firm hold of the tire clamp & easily pull or push them on the rim.

【Bike Hand Rim Protector】It makes light work of tight tire beads; simply position the slotted jaw onto the opposing rim and place the hook under the stubborn bead, then roll the bead over the rim into place.
【Protecting Inner Tubes】The special bear jack tool will not puncture any inner tube. Save time and effort!
【No Damage】This tool will not damage the rim edges because the pressing force is from the top to the bottom. Unlike traditional tire levers’ leverage to install a tire will damage those weak rim edges such as carbon wheels.
【Comfortable to Use】Bicycle tire lever’s ergonomic shape ensures they sit comfortably in the hand when removing a tire off a rim. Levers also feature an indentation feature for your thumb, giving it a great feel in the hand when being used.
【Strong】The jack is made of strong nylon plastic which prevents scratching rims and puncturing inner tubes. Very easy to install a tough tire on the wheel.

Body material: ABS
Color: black
Size: 230x65x20mm/9.05*2.55*0.78”
Net weight: 115g
Applicable tire size: 45mm/1.77” or less


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