Bamboo Soldier Interactive Table War Game


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The bamboo man is an ancient toy. In the age when toys need to be homemade, people use bamboo and rope to connect and use the gap on the desk to play, now we make it into exquisite building blocks, so that modern children can also experience the fun of doing it by themselves.

The action of avoiding is to pull up and down through the alternating force of left and hands.

Exercise hands-on ability: Equipped with rope and manual, the baby assembles bamboo man by himself

War is on the verge: Make an appointment with my friends. Let’s go higher with them.

Stable structure design: The table leg structure of the ring table is stable and not easy to move, and you can enjoy yours.


Material: Plastic
Applicable occasions: Parent-child interaction, intelligence development, hands-on and brain
Applicable age: Over 3 years old

Package Included: Bamboo Soldier Interactive Table War Game


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