Baby Easy Self Feeding Spoon


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The Baby Easy Self Feeding Spoon is a great invention for parents. It features a soft silicone spoon with an ergonomic design and two handles that are easy to grip. The spoon has deep, rounded edges that make it easy for babies to pick up food and feed themselves. This product makes mealtime much more fun!

  • Designed for Ages 6 Months to 18 Months: No scooping, no balancing, and best of all: no wrong way to hold it!
  • Dimpled head, for the first step to self-feeding, flat, no wrong way to hold it, no scooping, no balancing, no rules, designed to work great with purees, also acts as a teether for sore gums

Age Range: 0-6m
Age Range: 7-12m
Age Range: 13-24m
Material: Silicone
Material Feature: Latex Free
Material Feature: Nitrosamine Free
Material Feature: Phthalate Free
Material Feature: BPA Free
Material Feature: PVC Free

What’s in the Box:
1x Baby Easy Self Feeding Spoon


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