Automatic Minimalist Household Small Desktop Dish Washer


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Detachable filter screen, easy to filter residue, easy to clean
Transparent window, observe the washing process at any time
Large sensitive touch screen, clear functions, and simple operation
Long-term antibacterial storage, the inner cavity is designed with a diagonal wind path to speed up condensation, equipped with a fan to exhaust the hot and
humid air, reducing the growth of bacteria
One-click fruit and vegetable washing, equipped with an exclusive fruit basket, to quickly clean the sludge and pesticide residues in the gap between vegetables and fruits
The whole process of high temperature and strong washing, efficient sterilization, and dissolution of heavy oil stains
360°Double rotary spray

Washing Mode: Injection Type
Housing Material: STAINLESS STEEL
Max. Water Consumption: ≤12 liters
Power (W): 950w
Voltage (V): 220V
Installation Methods: Desktop Free Installation
Washing Method: Spray Style
Number of Cutlery Sets: 6 Sets
Retractable Mode: Open-Front


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