Automatic Intelligent Toothpick Dispenser


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A small automatic toothpick dispenser, which works with built-in intelligent induction. After placing the toothpicks in the dispenser, you hardly need to touch it. The infrared induction will automatically send about 200 toothpicks to the dispenser per time, and in 1.5 seconds you can take out a toothpick. It is convenient and hygienic for families. Come on and add this automatic intelligent toothpick dispenser to your daily life.


Smart induction and fast work – infrared induction, toothpicks can be pulled out within 1.5 seconds

Sealed and built-in ultraviolet rays-fully enclosed design and built-in ultraviolet rays can prevent harmful substances and insects, and ensure the hygiene of toothpicks.

PP toothpicks-PP toothpicks have a new shape, rounded to improve efficiency, and will not damage the gums.

Easy to replace-easily open the lid, you can put in 200 toothpicks at a time.

Many application scenarios – You can put this high-end smart toothpick box in the living room, bedroom, office or dining room, etc.


Material: ABS plastic

Battery: AAA * 4 (not included)

Size: 106.4*77.4*92mm(L*W*H)

Color: white

Package Includes: 1 x automatic toothpick box or 1 x toothpick


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