Automatic Ceramic Smart Pet Water Fountain


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A beautiful and elegant pet water fountain that is perfect for any home! Automatically turn on the running water when the pet approaches, and automatically stand by for 30 seconds after leaving the sensing range 2-3 meters. Silent, energy-saving, prolongs the service life of the filter element and the water pump, which can better attract pets to drink more water.

5V Silent Pump Design: Even the faint sound of water flow was redesigned.

New Filtration System: 4 filtration systems, so that every drop of water is clean water, the first layer of filter mesh to block large impurities; the second layer of high-density porous filter cotton to filter out small impurities; the third layer of large-diameter coconut shell activated carbon to remove Oxygen and microorganisms; the fourth layer of ion exchange resin to remove metal ions.

Power-off Design: The power storage emergency water storage layer and dust control are changed into an integrated design, and there is no power or clean water source.

With Water Dispenser: Yes
Min Output: 50g
Material: Ceramics
LCD Display: No
Diameter: 20cm
Height: 10cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Capacity: 1.5L

What’s in The Box:
1x Automatic Ceramic Smart Pet Water Fountain


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