Attachable Comfy Anti-Fog Mask


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We all know the standard face masks are not enjoyable to wear, especially if you wear glasses. It is a face mask that works with eyewear and not against it. We just want to make it more comfortable, breathable, and easier to do so (without the annoying fog). Here is the best mask for glasses wearers!

The mask attaches to the temples of the eyeglasses, allowing the protective portion to extend up and inside the borders of the lenses, keeping out the moisture that causes fogging.


  • No more fogging with eyewear
  • More comfortable and breathable
  • No more pressure on ears and face
  • Versatile – Quickly transitioning from a face-covering/shield to a face mask
  • No more mask fatigue and fidgeting

Package:1 PC Anti-Fog Mask For Glasse(Without the glasses)


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