Anti-Skid Handy Panel Board Lifter Tool


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The Anti-Skid Handy Panel Lifter is the perfect tool for carrying plywood, drywall, sheet metal, and more. It can be used with just one hand to go up and down stairs and through doors. This labor-saving device helps alleviate back problems.

Wide applicable range: It automatically adjusts to accommodate sheet thickness up to 15/16 inches up to 200 pounds and up to 2 pieces of sheets at the same time. Suitable for carrying 4×8 plywood, drywall, wallboard, windows, doors, skylights, solar panels, roof trusses, framing materials, stone slabs, and more.

Finest Material: Che clamp is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. The handle is made of durable, impact-resistant ABS polymer, making it comfortable on your shoulders.

Clamping thickness: 25 mm/0.98”
Bearing Weight: 50kg

Package Includes:
1x Anti-Skid Handy Panel Lifter


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