4-way Garden Hose Faucet Splitter Connector


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This four-way garden hose faucet connector lets you easily hook up your garden hose to multiple outdoor watering devices. The faucet splitter connector has a sturdy design. The 4-Way Hose Splitter Connector diverts water flow to 4 different locations. It allows for easy watering of plants, washing of cars, and filling of pools. It is easy to install and has a modern design.

  • Quick coupling connectors can be directly connected to each outlet.
  • Each outlet is equipped with an on-off valve to control the water flow.
  • You can easily move to turn the lever.
  • The faucet connector has a 4-ways hose splitters valve perfect for your flower, plants, lawn, agriculture, villas, and industrial irrigation.
  • Easy to install, the independent valve can be closed, sturdy, and durable.


Connection Size: Inside Diameter 16mm Hose, 3/4 Inch Faucet with Thread

Package Includes:

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