360 Rotating Water Drop Body Sensing Rechargeable Lamp


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The lamp has a 360-degree rotatable ring and can easily control a room’s lighting. The lamp can be used as a body sensing lamp, which can sense the human body and light up according to it. This lamp can be used as a bedside lamp, a lamp for reading, or a feature light in any room.

  • Intelligent human body induction mode, when the light is dark, senses the human body moving and automatically lights up.
  • Back cover design magnet and iron plate installation.
  • 360 rotating lighting lamp holder can be adjusted freely in 360 rotating lighting direction.
  • Three-way switches intelligent induction gear, always bright gear.
  • The design of a strong magnet and iron on the back can be stuck anywhere you want.
  • The lamp holder can rotate freely at 360, and the lighting orientation can be determined at will.
  • Auto tap position induction mode, the human body activity within the induction range will trigger the control to turn on the light; the person does not leave the induction range and will continue to turn on the light. The person will turn off the light after 20 seconds.
  • This product is a perfect gift for your mother, wife, girl, or girlfriend.


Material: Plastic Plug

Voltage: 36V

Lighting Distance: 1-5m

Package Includes:

1 x Body Sensing Rechargeable Lamp


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