2in1 Manual Whisk Tong


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This product is a whisk and a food clamp; open it to pick up the food and then stir the food. It can be used to mix eggs, flour, butter, butter, sauce, etc. . The hook design at the tail makes it easy to hang and organize. It has a comfortable TPR handle, non-slip, good hand feeling, no scratches.

  • Dual-purpose food tongs, stirring tongs.
  • A hole design, material selection, comfortable handle, lock switch.
  • It is not only an egg but also a food holder, game, junction, etc.
  • Fold the five serrations, the clamping will not fall off, the anti-slip serrations, the opening is 12cm large, and the food is stable.
  • Food-grade ABS, odorless, non-deformable, the best material is heat-resistant to 100°C and can be directly in contact with food.


Size: 30 * 6.5 * 6.5cm

Weight: 46 grams

Material: ABS

Package Included:

1x Multifunctional Manual Whisk Tool


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