24pcs Anti-Dyeing Mixed Laundry Nano Sheets


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2 Box Anti-Dyeing Mixed Laundry Nano Sheets

If you do not want the colors of your clothes to mix, this product is definitely what you need!

Spirit special dyeing cloth washing color absorption

Only using nanometer cellular technology, through special processing

The color of the clothes fall and adsorption impurities

Effectively solve the clothing dyeing, rub off, keep your clothes color bright beautiful

How to use:

The clothes in the washing machine, adding suitable amount of detergent

The Laundry color absorption into the washing machine

After washing, you can see many colors and adsorb impurities

Every time in the 2 to 4 pieces

Material: Viscose fiber + fragrances


Package Include:

2 box Laundry color absorption(48 pieces)


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