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What is MaviBox?

MaxiBox is where you can catch up with trends with one click and we got you covered. You can now subscribe to Mavibox and pick your category of trend and we will send you mystery box every month with full of trendy, catchy, modern products and gadgets. Yes, every month.

Why MaviBox?

Because you get more than what you paid for. We promise this box includes the worth of over $99 of products/gadgets/items. You easily subscribe to your choice of collection and it will be at your order every month!

What will you get?

You have a variety of choices from home decor to iPhone, men, women, everything we have here. You can get $200 worth of home decor or shoes or car gadgets or all of them. This boxes will be unique to you. You can subscribe to this more than once if you are a deal catcher and love gadgets!


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