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High Quality Heat Resistant Glass Teapot

03 1000ml
01 350ml
01 500ml
01 750ml
01 1000ml
02 500ml
02 750ml
03 350ml
03 500ml
03 750


1. The price only includes one teapot.

2. The inner filter and other plastic parts use Food-grade PC material, not the ordinary plastic, won't harm to people's health.

3.The actual capacity= outside glass pot + inner filter = 500ML 



Outer Pot use Heat-resistant Glass material

Inner Filter, Upper Cover, Water Button and Pot Handle use Food-grade Plastic material


3. The stainless filtering net has 80 holes. A strong capability of filtering. Even the tea powder can be made into mellow and pure tea.


4. Suitable for brewing tea: Puer tea, Green tea,Oolong tea, herbal tea, black tea, fruit & flower tea, coffee, teabag, all kinds of loose tea.


5. It's ideal to be used at home, in the office, in a trip, in a restaurant, in a teahouse and at a meeting.