2in1 Multifunctional Simple Kitchen Scissor


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These cutter scissors have a cutting board design. The cutting board’s surface is treated with a non-slip process, and the sharp blade is easier to cut food. Reject bulky kitchen knives and cutting boards. You can cut the vegetables, fruits, or cheese you need directly in the pan, bowl, or frying pan when you cook food.

Precise Cutting: Non-slip kitchen scissors with a cutting board can better hold the food, and it is convenient for you to measure the cutting position. The kitchen scissors grip is ergonomically designed, and it is comfortable to hold and easy to control. It can ensure that you can control the kitchen food cutter freely and accurately cut vegetables and food. To make a delicious dinner, the thickness of the vegetables must be just right.

Well-Made: Easy smart cutter’s material selection and bite force have been tried and improved continuously to complete the cutting work with the least effort. Thickened stainless steel blade and the non-slip handle are combined to form a compact clever cutter chopper. Multipurpose kitchen scissors are sturdy and durable, can cut most ingredients, and quickly complete all kinds of cutting tasks you arrange for them. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Safe Cutting: Do you desperately need a knife or fruit knife? Kitchen cutting shears can be disassembled into a knife to save you! When you do not need to use the smart cutter, the locking safety buckle at the end of the handle can close utility scissors, saving space and avoiding accidental touch and injury.

Easy to Carry: Camping or barbecue activities with friends on weekends, food preparation requires many knives and cutting boards, and clever scissors are light and easy to carry. The weight and size of multiple chopping scissors are easy for going out projects, and it is a very pleasant journey without the need to carry a large number of heavy knives.

Feature: Eco-Friendly
material: Stainless Steel,TPR,PP
Metal Type: stainless steel
Plastic Type: pp

Package Included:
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