Nano Breathable Waterproof T-shirt


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The Nano Anti-Dirty Waterproof T-Shirt is an anti-dirty and anti-fouling waterproof shirt. It is a special type of clothing that can protect clothes from dirt or stains. Amazing Nano T-Shirt will protect you from water and dirt. You will look good with this t-shirt in summer.

The fabric adopts nanotechnology, anti-oil adhesion, and penetration, milk cola coffee tomato sauce, etc.

Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable

Waterproof trunk, cool and soft

Minimalist design concept, return to the original beauty

Shopping, gatherings, workplaces are all suitable for wearing


Color: white, black, blue, gray


Fabric: Polyester

Edition type: Loose

Collar type: no collar

Features: nano waterproof and antifouling

Package Included: Shirt * 1


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