Stainless Steel Needless Sewing Tool Kit


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This is a sewing tool for those of you who like to sew! This stainless steel needle threader will make your life easier. The Stainless Needless Steel Needles are high-quality sewing needles that won’t rust. This durable, stainless steel needle will last for years and will not damage your fabric as other needles may.

  • The sewing needles are made of high-quality metal material, durable, rustless, anti-corrosion, and has a long service life.
  • Gold or silver needles, side or direct threading method, suitable for the old man or blind person.
  • Needle Storage Container is made from sandalwood material, wear-resistant, it can well protect and hold your needles.
  • This sewing needles are not easy to lose the thread, suitable for sewing clothes, quilt and so on.

Needle Material: Stainless Steel
Container Material: Sandalwood
Size: Needle Length: 3.6cm/1.41in, 3.8cm/1.49in, 4.2cm/1.65in

Package includes:
1x Stainless Needless Steel Sewing Tool Kit


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