Multifunctional Adjustable Rotating Car Food Tray


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Handy Swivel Round Tray can swivel around for 360 Degrees giving the Driver and Passenger and easy access to grab foods or drinks. Handy Swivel Round Tray will give you no hassle in installing or using it. Just slide it inside the cup holder and push it down till it will securely fit inside the cup holder compartment.

Can be attached to any standard cup holder and can be securely locked in place. The articulated arm moves from the driver to the passenger, which can be raised or lowered according to your preference.

Easy to use. Just insert the card tray into the car cup holder, and you can start using it.

It has a 360-degree rotation design to lock in place. The car tray can be rotated back and forth between the driver and the passenger.
The rotating tray uses a non-slip texture center to prevent items from rolling or sliding.

The rotating trays are made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum strength and durability and can be used for a long time.


Material: PP
Diameter: Approx.9in

Package Includes: 1x Car Food Tray


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