Disinfecting Dust Removal Floor Door Mat

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This newest disinfection mat is divided into two sides, one is used for disinfection and dust removal, and the other is used for absorbing water and drying. Just pour the diluted disinfectant into the disinfection pad to help you remove the bacteria from the soles.

【Anti-overflow Design, Clean and Beautiful】This disinfection mat adopt a three-dimensional high-side design around it, which can effectively prevent the overflow of disinfection water and keep the periphery of the mat clean and beautiful. (Please do not pour too much disinfectant).

【Double Anti-skid, Safety First】The anti-skid plug design under the disinfection mat and the anti-skid pad with a strong grip on the bottom layer have a double anti-skid effect, effectively avoiding sliding and falling.

【Quick Installation, Easy Cleaning】This product can be installed in one minute, simple and fast. Disinfectant water can be poured directly into the doormat for disinfecting your shoes. You can rinse it directly in water and use it after drying.

【Wide range of applications】This product can be used at the entrance of homes, schools, offices, shops, courtyards and other places. It can effectively reduce the dust and bacteria on the soles of the shoes and keep the room clean and hygienic.

installation steps

1. Place the non-slip mat on the bottom layer.

2. Place the two trays on the non-slip mat.

3. Put the microfiber cloth on one side of the tray to absorb water.

4. Put PVA colloid and colloid cover in sequence on the other side of the tray, and pour diluted disinfectant water.

How to clean

1. Remove the disinfection mat.

2. Wash with water or soapy water (do not use a washing machine).

3. Place in the sun to dry.

4. Use after reassembly.


Material: PP, PVA, super fiber cloth

Size: 83*45*2cm/33.2*18*0.8inch

Color: brown

Certificate: ROHS

Clean water/disinfect water ratio: 50:1

Package includes:

  • 1*Non-slip mat
  • 1*Super fiber cloth
  • 1*PVA rubber cotton
  • 1*Rubber cotton cover
  • 2*Tray


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