Cloning Powder Mold Kit set

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1. Mix the molding powder with3 to3.2 times the amount of powder (300 to320 mL). Stir quickly until the mixture is as smooth as possible. The mixture will turn a purple/pink color. Remember not to add too much water to the mixture.
2. After 1 minute, place the baby’s hand or foot into this purple molding mixture at once. Please make sure the hand or foot is completely submerged and doesn’t break the surface of the mixture or touch the edge of cup.
3. Try to keep your baby’s hand or foot as still as possible while the molding mixture is setting.
4. Hold your baby’s foot in the mold for 240 more seconds to ensure the mold is fully set, then you can very carefully and smoothly remove their hand or foot from the mold.
5. To ensure a smooth release from the mold, wiggle slightly back and forth so that air can enter the opening of the mold.
6. Once the hand or foot has been removed, Open the bag of plaster powder 50g, and mix with 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount of water (80 to90 mL). Stir as quickly until the mixture is as smooth as possible.Do not add too much water to the stone powder. The higher the concentration the stronger the casting will be.
7. Slowly pour the stone powder mixture into the opening of the mold. Gently jiggle the mold while pouring to ensure the liquid enters all the tiny areas and to avoid air becoming trapped inside creating air bubbles.
8. After 1 hours the stone mixture should be set. VERY gently remove the mold away from the casting. You can very carefully use a knife to help open the mold or by hand. Ensure open it very slow to ensure that you do not break the casting.
9. Once the casting is removed you may see a little powder on the surface. It can be washed by water, and air dry over 24 hours.
10. Paint Coat: After 24 hours you can paint your beautiful completed casting any color you wish.

3D Baby Hand & Foot Casting Keepsake Kit Easy Step-by-Step Instructions
(up to 1-year-old baby)
Items Required:
1 x Plastic container large enough to submerge your baby’s hand or foot in the molding liquid. You can also use a clear strong plastic bag if you do not have a container.
1 x Smaller plastic bowl to mix the stone plaster
Mixing spoon
1 x100g bag of stone plaster
1 x100g bag of molding powder mix
300 to320 mL of warm water to mix the molding powder (3 to3.2 times the amount of powder)
80to90 mL of warm water to mix the stone plaster powder (1/3 to 1/2 of the amount of powder)

IMPORTANT: Do not add too much water to the powder mixtures or they will not set correctly and your casting will not be successful.


Material: powder
Net content: clone powder 100g/model powder 100g
Net weight: 210G
Gross weight: 213G
Product size: clone powder: 10*18*1CM
Model powder: 12.5*10*1CM
Gold powder: 4*4*0.2CM
Brush: 16.5*1*1CM
Applicable objects: adults and children
Applicable occasions: Memorial of children’s growth experience, Valentine’s Day gifts, gifts for friends, DIY decoration
Packing size: 20*20*2CM

What’s in the Box: Clone powder*1 model powder*1 gold powder*1 brush*1 English instruction manual*1


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