Car Futuristic Aromatherapy Air Freshener


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Put your favorite natural essential oil into the air freshener car, and it will emit a scent. It can help relieve stress, purify the air in the car in time, and quickly decompose the smell of harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Keeping fresh air in the car is beneficial to the health of children, pregnant women and pets.

DIY & Perfect Gift: This car essential oil diffuser is very suitable for people who like to make car modifications. The car air fresheners for women/men are very Suitable as a gift to your family or friends.

Item Height: 26.46mm
Item Length: 82.72mm
Material Type: Plastic+Alloy
Shape: Gel
Item Type: Air Freshener
Item Weight: 0.1kg
Smell: Colognes, Pomelos, Ocean

Package Included:
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